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OperationsLoan agreements in place
MethodologyInvoice Financing
Fees20% on interest earned
Minimum$5-10 per campaign (initial deposit $1,000)
Default Rate<5%
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  • Stephanie Huang
    Stephanie Huang
    3 Reviews, 7 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 12 Jun 2018
    I have been using this P2P platform since year 2016. And I have also opted for auto funding (which means to fund the company automatically), which allows me to diverse my investments to different company with funds as low as a few dollars. I am sure it helps in reducing the risk of investing in any one company with a min of SGD$1000 if one was to invest in a company manually. Of course there were companies that took very long to return investors the money. It will be good for investors to check on the status of the investment on a regular basis.
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  • Gabriel Tham
    Gabriel Tham
    15 Reviews, 742 Upvotes
    Updated on 11 Jan 2018
    Been using Capital Match since 2016. Pros: - Allows for fractional investing, even a $0.01 can be invested! Good diversification. - Automatic investing, just set and run - Good follow up on delayed payments and defaults. The team uploads documents on the status of debt collection. - Updated almost daily/weekly with new offers, you won't run out of investing opportunities. Cons: - As with all investments, there are default risks involved. Some of my 2016 loans are still being chased for collection. - There are commissions charged, so interest rate is actually lower than advertised. Well, nothing is free :) - $5 withdrawal fee
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  • Jan
    6 Reviews, 9 Upvotes
    Updated on 16 Jan 2018
    Have been using this for the longest time. Recently they have decided to use a segregated account for client funds. Unlike the other p2p operators, they want to charge extra fees for withdrawals. Very agressive in collection. Some loans with them currently waiting for auction of property to recover principal and interest. Mostly invoice financing of 1 to 3 months. They recently tried to offer USD loans but althought the required USD deposits, they wanted to repay lenders in SGD. Not much interest and they changed to accepting SGD eventually. Very low amount required for each loans as they apportion the loan to all interested lenders. So each loan you make can be as low as a few dollars. However, this is not always the case, recently they don't do so all the time. Still trying to figure out the basis that the decide on allocating a loan to investor.
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  • Christopher Quek
    Christopher Quek
    1 Reviews, 1 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 23 Jan 2018
    Have used it before a year back and it is relatively easy to use. I was just irate that some deals I wanted to enter but it gets fully subscribed in less than 5 mins. I also invested in one company that defaulted in loans and I lost quite a bit on that one which ended up having little profit in the whole portfolio. This is not really for the faint hearted honestly and go in with your eyes open that you can lose your capital.
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  • Hoon Thien Rong
    Hoon Thien Rong
    8 Reviews, 10 Upvotes
    Reviewed on 11 Jan 2018
    Pros: Lots of deal and automated investment with ability to restrict by debtor too. Cons: No apps. For Info: Withdrawal costs $10.
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About Capital Match

Capital Match is started in the year 2014 by tech entrepreneur, Pawel Kuznicki.

Types of loans by Capital Match

Capital Match gives out loans in form of Invoice Financing.

Risk Management for Capital Match

Capital Match ensures that only invoices issued to large debtors (corporates, government entities etc.) are accepted, and Capital Match always verifies invoices and in most cases redirect the payment from a large debtor to our bank account. This allows Capital Match a high level of control of the repayments.

Funds for Capital Match are handled by escrow agency, Watiga Trust.

Minimum investment and fees for Capital Match

The minimum investment for Funding Societies is at S$1,000. The minimum investment for each campaign is S$50-S$10.

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