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RHB Securities RHBInvest
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choose wisely

wisely 15000

15000 units

units earn

earn rm325

rm325 sgd13

sgd13 trading

trading singapore

singapore shares

shares average

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  • Choose wisely.. For 15000 units, earn rm325 just get back sgd13. Trading in Singapore shares still just average. But if trading for overseas, just beware.. Trade at your own risk.
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    Eric Chien Chee Kin
    Eric Chien Chee Kin

    19 Jun 2018

    Especially for the conversion rate and brokerage fee..
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About RHB Securities RHBInvest
Product NameRHB Securities RHBInvest
Stock holding typeCentral Depository Account (CDP)
FeesMinimum: $25 < $50k: 0.275% $50 to $100k: 0.22% > $100k: 0.18%
Cash Upfront OptionNot available

Types of Services RHB Securities Provides

RHB Securities offers a few types of services on their trading platform.

  • GIRO service offers an automatic and convenient way of debiting payment from credit sale proceeds to designated bank account.
  • Electronic payment for shares (EPS) feature where investor can conveniently pay for their Singapore shares investment at ATMs or through their iBanking account.

Types of Account Available with RHB Securities

RHB Securities offers various types of account, catered to the different needs of individual investor.

The types of account RHB Securities provide are:

  • Basic Trading (Cash) Account

Brokerage Fees & Charges of RHB Securities

The fees and charges of RHB Securities are as follows:


  • Minimum Commission: S$25
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.275%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.22%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.18%


  • Minimum Commission: S$40
  • Investment of S$50,000 and below: 0.50%
  • Investment of S$50,000 to S$100,000: 0.40%
  • Investment above S$100,000: 0.25%

Other transaction charges:

  • Clearing fee imposed by CDP: 0.0325%
  • SGX Trading fee: 0.0075%

Contact RHB Securities

  • RHB Securities: 6533 1818