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Asked by Clement

Asked on 26 Dec 2019

Would it be advisable to employ the services of a wedding planner?

Would it be advisable to have one, and if yes, are there any recommendations for wedding planners? If no, how should I go about planning my wedding instead?


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Kent Toh, Manager at Kenshoo
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 27 Dec 2019

You take into considerations why you need a wedding planner.

Most of the time, I guess around 90% of couples plan their own wedding. There are many things to do, but surely there are friends around you who have already did it and most would have survived. With or without wedding planners, the wedding still remains a memorable one.

You will need the wedding planners if: 1. You have tight work schedules. Maybe both of you are traveling, work overtime, work on weekends etc. Or you need the wedding to be done in a short time frame, eg. less than 1 month.

  1. You have a fantasy, elaborate wedding. Sometimes if you are willing to splurge on a castle-fairy-out-of-this-world theme, then yes a planner can make your dream come true. But not to say that all planners can meet your expectations still. It has to have some reality-check, usually budget constraints.

  2. You are looking for fuss-free, no homework, no research wedding. Planner takes care of vendors from gown rental, to wedding venue, decorations, photographers, bridesmaid, timeline, programmes, emcee, entertainment etc. Or you do is just feedback and planner takes care of the rest.

In Singapore, the average costs of engaging a wedding planner is around S$3000 to S$5000. Whilst a wedding planner may also save you some costs due to their using their own contacts, usually they are not planning on going down the budget-friendly route.

To go about planning own wedding, talk to a married friend, and invite him/her to be a bestman/bridesmaid at the same time! Just listen to people sharing their experiences.​​​


jiajing wang
Level 5. Genius
Answered on 26 Dec 2019

Hi , I believe you wont need it if you have you and the Bride''s Friend..make full use of them to help you ..get A wedding planner only if you want to have a memorable and no frills wedding night.If you just want to go thru the motion like what i am doing now(I am getting married next year) and also planning everything myself,then save the cost for your home instead,



Hi Clement,

I wouldn't advise it cause... They do cost, and they will usually use their own partners in terms of venue and also caterers which might add up..

I think with the advances of technology now, we can actually do most of our planning on our own via online research and also even comparisons based on comments and reviews online

I guess the only thing having a planner is... That you have someone to look for in terms of managing the event, which I believe.. Among your siblings and close friends, there will be someone willing to help you with that, hope that helps!



If you have time to manage most of the things on your own, or with the help of close family members or friends, then save the cost for other needs.

Otherwise, outsource it to someone who is capable of handling all the coordination and planning for you at a cost.

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