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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

Whole life insurance paying for 20 years, enter at 2011 Oct and $300.45 per months, insured for 101k. Is it worth it? It seems not worth it. Is there a way out?

Whole Life insurance to pay for 20 years, enter at 2011 Oct. Sum assured 101k. Paying $300.45 per months premium, already paid $24,636.90. Surrender value at $9,481.50. Is it worth it ? It seems not worth it. Is worth cancelling ? If not is there a way out?


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I'm running a business that deals exactly with your situation.

But my general advice (which is FOC), is to keep the whole life insurance until at least 70-80 years old before even considering to surrender.

Unless you wish to know more (which includes understanding the exclusion list etc), then you may wish to have a non-obligation chat with me.


Bang Hong
Bang Hong,
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Answered on 20 Jul 2018

You need to see the Benefit Illustration on the guaranteed part and non-guaranteed part.

Worth it or not, whole life insurance are designed for "whole life" or up to XX age stated by the insurer. You need to revisit why you purchase this insurance , is it to leave a legacy behind? or for emergency situations such as death?

If you had been paying for about 7 years, the average break even point is normally 10-15 years period, but this also means you will lose those opportunity cost over the years for the funding.

Not looking into exact calculation, but most cases like yours, the "typical" advice will to keep it. Do speak to an advisor or someone have more knowledge to give you some 3rd/4th opinion.