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Asked on 30 May 2019

Which credit card should I get as a fresh grad?

Starting my first job soon. I've no choice but to use OCBC 360 for my savings account as OCBC's the only bank my company will credit my salary to. Should I use an OCBC credit card to increase my interest rate by 0.3%, or use a different credit card and forgo the 0.3%? I do not think that I am able to hit the minimum spend of $800 with the OCBC 365 card nor the $400 offline spend on the FRANK credit card. My only option left is the OCBC Titanium card which does not seem attractive to me. Thanks!


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Jessica Chuah
Jessica Chuah
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 03 Jun 2019

Does your company not allow other options? Most (if not all) companies should have setup their bank accounts with local banks or foreign bank with a Singapore branch, which actually allows for GIRO or FAST payment to any of the approved bank institutions. You can check out this website https://www.abs.org.sg/consumer-banking/fast. I would think you can discuss with your company's payroll or HR to see if other bank accounts (like DBS multiplier or UOB One) are possible for you.

OCBC 360 is actually not too bad now after a revamp of their benefits, if I were you I would forgo the interest rate for CC since you are not able to hit the minimum required spending for the OCBC 365 CC, and the benefits of other OCBC cards are not too attractive. You can work to get higher interest rate by putting in fresh funds in future, or just by maintaining a higher average balance compared to the previous month as well.

In terms of cashback credit cards, I would think Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback, AMEX True Cashback (both have no min spending), or UOB One (min $500) are one of the better in the markets now. if you are looking at low to no requirements.


Glenn Toh
Glenn Toh, Founder at Whatcard.sg
Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 18 Jun 2019

If you are unable to hit the minimum spending, you may be better off working with miles cards that typically have no minimum spend.

I would suggest going with the DBS Womans World Card (4mpd on all online spend) + DBS Altitude (1.2 mpd for everything else) that will provide pretty decent rewards if you are able to shift as much spending as possible (e.g. shopping, gifts) to online to get the bonus miles. DBS points are also pooled (rewards from both cards go into a central pool) so you can withdraw them in a single transaction.


Level 4. Prodigy
Answered on 04 Jun 2019

For OCBC 360, to get the 0.3%, you need $500 min credit card spending. If you don't usually hit $500 for expenses per month (dining, bills, purchases etc), I suggest to forgo the 0.3%.

Other credit cards to consider:

  • Standard Charter Unlimited Cashback - 1.5% cashback, no cap
  • DBS Live Fresh Card - good if you are an online shopper
  • POSB Everyday Card - good for utility/supermarket bills


Siow Nan
Siow Nan
Top Contributor

Top Contributor (Jun)

Level 5. Genius
Answered on 31 May 2019

Can discuss with your accounts for changing to other banks? Else the DBS multiplier account would be a good option and they dont require a min spend for the cards.

alternatively is to get a Uob one account. Min spend is lower at 500 bucks.



If you cannot hit any minimum spends, perhaps the standard chartered unlimited cashback card or POSB everyday card will be better depending on your spending habits.

Both of them got no min spend required.