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Asked on 29 Jan 2020

What's the differentiating factor for the MCO Card as opposed to other Multi-Currency cards?

What sets you guys apart from the competition? Why should we choose your card over others?


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Reb Liew
Reb Liew
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Updated on 04 Feb 2020

Digital wallet VS MCO tokens

MCCs require you to link your debit card(s) and transfer a minimum of $20 into a digital wallet. You can then use this amount for local/overseas transactions and, in some cases, transport. The only thing is, you won't be able to transfer the money from your digital wallet back to your bank account.

This is unlike the MCO card, which allows you to make everyday transactions using crypto. Also — and unless you choose the free tier — you'll be required to 'stake'/hold between 50 to 50,000 MCO tokens in your wallet for a minimum of six months.


Rewards for the MCO Card are paid in MCO tokens, whereas multi-currency cards offer actual cashback that's credited to your digital wallet. Again, this depends on your tier type, and which MCC you're looking at.

ATM withdrawal fees

Depending on what you're looking at, the Revolut Standard card allows free overseas withdrawals for the first S$350 worth of currency; with the MCO card, it's free for the first US$200 (~S$250, at time of writing). At present, only overseas withdrawals are possible for both cards.

This comparison piece on Revolut, TransferWise and YouTrip might also help:


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05 Feb 2020

This is so helpful 👍
Yvonne K
Yvonne K, Head of Social Media & Community at Crypto.com
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Answered on 31 Jan 2020

We cannot speak for other cards but we do offer Metal MCO Visa Cards that come with many benefits such as cashback, free Spotify and Netflix, 10% rebate on Expedia bookings, unlimited airport lounge access, and many others - https://crypto.com/en/cards.html


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