Asked by Huanmin Huang

What's the best petrol credit card for a light car user (8-10k km per month)? Just cancelled my OCBC Plus card and looking for something that can get grocery discounts. My other (only) credit card is a Citi Premier Miles. Advise?

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    • Ray Ding
      Ray Ding
      2 Answers, 3 Upvotes
      Answered on 28 Jun 2018

      Citi Cash Back Card would be the best. 8% cash back at food & beverage outlets, supermarkets, food & groceries delivery (including Deliveroo, honestbee, RedMart) and Grab rides globally. Up to 20.88% at Esso and Shell, and 8% Cash Back at other petrol stations.

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    • Tang Ching Pang
      Tang Ching Pang
      11 Answers, 32 Upvotes
      Answered on 25 Jun 2018

      Personally I go for SPC reward card with POSB everyday card. 10%+ 5% and 6% cash back on final amount. It's best when your area nearby got shengsiong.

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    Ck Chai
    Ck Chai
    84 Answers, 126 Upvotes
    12 Jun 2018

    Do you go for a particular brand of petrol? As different petrol brands actually ties up with different credit cards to give different discount. It also depends on what is main categories of your expediture to recommend the one that best suits your need.

    You may want to refer to the link for reference and comparison:

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