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3w ago

What in your opinion is the biggest waste of money living in Singapore?

Biggest waste of money living in Singapore


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    Buying a car and/or branded goods to show off.




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      Kenneth Fong

      Kenneth Fong

      12 Jun 2021

      Level 10·Marketing Manager at Seedly

      I'm gonna echo most people here and say a car. But it really depends on whether it's a want or need, plus how much you sink into it.

      If it's a need, like you need it for work or to transport an ailing family member back and forth from medical visits (when taxis and Grab just wouldn't cut it coz of privacy or etc), then yeah. Go ahead. Get one that's within your financial means, because ultimately, it's a depreciating asset.

      No matter how you cut it, owning a car in Singapore is a huge drain on your finances.

      If you're going all out to get the latest shiny model from an atas brand when all you really need is something to get you from point A to B, then it's unquestionably an even bigger waste of money. I mean seriously, bruv, where in Singapore can you really open up the throttle and enjoy the thrill of the speed that an exotic sports car promises?




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        10 Jun 2021

        Level 6·Just a Software Developer at Tech Company

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