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Should I upskill and get a side hustle if I am stuck in admin role with no career progression?

29yo graduated with a business degree. working in nonprofit sector. Stuck in admin role with no career progression and spoke to higher ups but no avail. Would like to seek advice on the way forward? Should I upskill and get a side hustle? But not much savings and hence will need to pay by instalment plans.


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    First, you gotta know what you want to do, at least for the next 3-5 years. Otherwise, you wouldn't know what to look for.

    Once you figure that out, read this job-guide that stems from my own experience, that I use to just cut through all that BS/noise. It's not easy, but it works and you don't need to send out 100 resumes. Through the process, you'll know what skills you need to learn, or perhaps re-learn, instead of upskilling for the sake of upskilling.

    Side-hustle wise, find one that reinforces the skill you want to learn e.g you want to venture beyond excel into PR while remaining in the non-profit sector, you can volunteer at the local grassroots organisations to help do up collateral and materials that spread awareness, at the same time organise events & activities that further contribute to the objectives. Add those success into into your portfolio/resume and leverage that into PR role at a smaller company before heading to larger companies.

    With skillsfuture credit, CITREP+ etc. you can probably find some classes that will help you start your journey towards what you want, and you just need to free up your time. The money won't come so fast, but the opportunites are out there, and the choice is yours. Jiayou!​​​


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