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Posted on 02 Dec 2019

Should I engage a Contractor or Interior Designer to renovate my flat?

Would be renovating my flat next year :) Appreciate any advice!


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Interior design will be better in my view as they have all the contacts to provide you the full suite of home furnishings



Dawn Fiona

Dawn Fiona

Level 11. Master

Updated on 03 Dec 2019

I hired an ID and no regrets. Here's what I realised why one was necessary after engaging them:

  • We don't have time to source and liaise with each of the contractors. And there's so many! Tiling, carpentry, electrical wiring, painters, etc.

  • There were so many things we didn't think about, like corners and functionality, wiring, etc. If not for our ID, we would have overlooked many of these.

  • It was tough to visualize and match colours, furniture, etc

  • Our ID also guided us through the steps for getting our utilities and internet setup (Netlink Trust)

  • We barely even knew the difference between many materials until our ID educated us on it, such as compressed vs pure wood (I would have gone pure IKEA otherwise!), laminates, granite vs stainless steel sinks, quartz kitchentops vs. EDL compact, etc

  • There was a LOT of dust and grime accumulated during the hacking and rebuilding process. I wouldn't have enjoyed being onsite all the time for sure.

  • Our ID also helped us with our furniture sourcing and brought us to JB for cheaper quotes!

All in all, really no regrets. I was like you and contemplated simply engaging contractors to renovate my flat and save the usual ID markup fees, but after embarking on the renovation...trust me, if you have a full-time job it will be close to impossible for you to manage the whole renovation process on your own. Just get an ID - it'll be worth the fee and headaches saved.​​​


Bjorn Ng

Bjorn Ng

22 Dec 2019

Hey Budget Babe! Could I request if you can share your ID contact with me please? :)

Dawn Fiona

Dawn Fiona

24 Dec 2019

Hi Bjorn! can you PM me? I don't think it's nice for me to put his name and mobile number here on the public web due to privacy guidelines :)


Junus Eu

Junus Eu

Level 15. Grandmaster

Posted on 02 Dec 2019

So.. one thing my friend did was to speak to a few IDs and get their different opinions, before impl...

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