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15 Sep 2020


When should you go to a direct contractor VS an interior designer?

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Hey there anon!

Your question couldn't come at a better time because I am also looking for that answer myself. So I have been gathering information from my friends who have BTO-ed and also did my own research.

Here are some pros and cons of getting an ID and direct contractor.

Interior Designer


  • Only liaise with one person as he/she (your ID) will liaise with the contractors

  • You don't need to supervise the construction yourself (you need someone for this role because they will 100% mess up with no directions according to this video that I watched)

  • Peace of mind because you just need to choose what fittings you want and the ID will make sure its functional when you get your finished house (if you don't have ID and you have to get your own water tap, for example, and if it's spoilt, you have to exchange it in the store yourself)

  • Tell your ID the theme and vibes you want and they will design it for you.


  • More expensive

  • That's it (from what I gathered)

Direct Contractor

  • Cheaper! (by about $10,000 approximately)

  • Hands-on experience of designing your own home = sense of achievement!

  • You get to be the project manager and ID so if you already have a design/vibe in mind, going for direct contractor should be the best (caveat: you are ready to take leave from your job to supervise the construction sometimes)


  • High stress level (esp. during work) e.g contractor did the job wrongly or got the wrong material

  • Having to get all the fittings yourself online or do your own purchasing

After knowing these, I might personally opt for an ID if my finances allow it. But please please please don't let my decision affect yours!​​​

When you go to an ID, they eventually engage a contractor to get job done. Thus you are paying a lot more for the ID's commission.

If you have clarify if what you want to do, engage a contractor instead! :)

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Three key things in my view:

1) You are price sensitive

2) You already know exactly what you want ...

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