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16 Jun 2020



Should I engage a Contractor or Interior Designer to renovate my flat?

Would be renovating my flat next year :) Appreciate any advice!

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I went with a contractor cos money was tight and the works I required for quite clear and I had a specific vision. No regrets, though I could have chosen a better contractor as mine wasn't fantastic. If you know exactly what you want, and don't mind overseeing it, contractor is the way to go.

My preference is for Interior designer because he has more knowledge of "dead space", pairing of colours with designs, maximising storage space, maximising outlook and overall theme of the entire unit.

I could be wrong, but my own experiene with interior designers are very positive

ID if its a major renovation. They have contacts which make it a lot less time consuming.

But speak to different IDs and find one that can incorporate the design you desire within your budget!

Interior design will be better in my view as they have all the contacts to provide you the full suite of home furnishings

Cedric Jamie Soh

22 Dec 2019

Director at Seniorcare.com.sg

I used to own a renvoation firm. So I am aware of the different marketing angles different firms and...

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