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01 Jul 2020


Currently an interior designer, thinking of a career switch to UX UI designer. Any advice for my situation?

I’m having no pay leave for 3 months, thinking of using this time to take some UX UI courses.

1) is General Assembly a good online school? (3 months course) or local poly is better (1 year course)?
2) do people hire candidates from General Assembly?
3) currently 27 years old, is it too old to switch ?

I’ve always been interested in UX UI. But didn’t dare to switch as afraid I’m too old to restart my career again. Has anyone been through this before? Would love some opinions. Thank you!

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Huang Yixuan

01 Jul 2020

Person at Seedly Community

Hey there!!

I'm the product designer of Seedly before I switched to PM (:

  1. I didn't attend both, but from what I know, GA's courses give you a good preliminary understanding of design thinking and they match you up with real organisations to apply these in real life.

  2. Companies do consider internship positions for people with no product design background and have gone through the 3months GA course. I would say from a hiring perspective, someone with a 3m GA course + 6m internship is far more attractive than a 1 year Poly course.

  3. No such thing as too old to switch!!! Also 27 is not that old haha.

Some other tips, since you do not have any UIUX background yetF you might want to see if you want to focus on one aspect first, either UI or UX. cause both requires diff skill sets and if you spend that 3 months sharpening one, it'd prob be easier to get good at that one than to pick up both at the same time. Are you more interested in human behaviours, research and crafting user experience? Or are you more interested in coming up with user friendly solutions and creating beautiful designs?

You can also read up more now and start picking up UI design skills, like creating prototypes on Figma for example. One tip that I always give beginners is, go to Pinterest, or dribble and find a UI design that you really like, then just copy it! It will help you with your design sensibility and hone your techniques.

All the best and let me know if there are other ways I can help!​​​

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