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Asked on 12 Jan 2020

Revolut or Youtrip for >$10k overseas spend?

I will be going to Korea in Feb to have a $10k procedure done. I am wondering for this situation, which one of the multicurrency card is the better option? So far all the examples ive seen are for purchases <$1k. Or would changing money at a money changer be better? Thank you in advance.


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Another option depending on timing - for Revolut; the limit is on rolling 30 days basis; you can change an amount now and provided the next billing after your op is 30 days later you should be able to squeeze in the 10k total within the limits.


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For YouTrip, the daily maximum transaction limit is SGD6,000.

For Revolut, free currency exchange transaction is limited to SGD9,000 per month. Thereafter, there will be a 0.5% charge.

With this in mind, you may have to use both cards for the procedure in order to stay within the limits. Otherwise, I will go with Revolut.

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