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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

My pay is at 1.8k/month which I do not expect to increase in the near future. And I have plans to study uni part time next year and it is quite near to my workplace. Should I stay or resign?

I am not sure if I want to resign from my current job. The work culture of the company is so-so as some of the co-workers are quite helpful in assisting me in my work while some other like to talk bad about other behind their back. The job prospect is not so good.


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That work environment sounds like every other office. It’s nothing to worry about. Since you’re intending to do a part-time degree, I think the most important aspect of your job is whether the people embrace such an idea. Is your boss ok that you may need some time off to study? Are your co-workers ok to cover your duties when you’re not at work? If yes, then staying is a good option. As for the job prospect, maybe wait till you’re done with the degree then see how again.


Png Cheng Xi Damien
Png Cheng Xi Damien, BSc Finance at SUSS
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Answered on 03 Nov 2018

You've got 2 choices: stay, or find a new job. Staying gives you status quo; easier to manage the upcoming additional school work.

If you want to find a new job, make sure it give you the time to study too. Every work place will have its fair share of toxic people. You have to settle in your job comfortably first beforing going for your studies.