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Asked on 12 Jun 2019

Is it true that Singapore is rated S&P AAA?


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Ericsson Ting
Ericsson Ting


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Updated on 13 Jun 2019

Yes,but dun't let the AAA fool you,remember to look into the financial sheet for info and understand it

As to why i say that,perhaps you could watch the movie "the big short" about 4 people who make money during the 2008 crisis,the movie tell us of stories that people really never read into what they brought into.It is probably one of the more interesting financial movie out there along with the wolf on wall street.The movie also mention the various rating agency who are selling rating for fees,do watch this clip from the movie :

and the part where they explain about the rating:

for the full movie you could try netflix,or google it(if you know what i mean)

btw do visit my blog if you have the time


John Doe

13 Jun 2019

I like this. Please share more
Ericsson Ting
Ericsson Ting

13 Jun 2019

Glad you like it:),you can view the full playlist of the big shot movie on youtube here:,for member who came across this post be sure to check out the movie"the big short" ,it is a really interesting and great movie!

Yes. And because of such financial stability of our country, we have so much more opportunities too.

It’s a great job done by our government and MAS.



Yes! One of the only governments to be AAA Rated. MAS has done a great job at building our financial capability in just 50+ years from an emerging market.