Asked by Lai Chong Chao

Is it still worth it to invest in StashAway and Autowealth when they contain mainly US ETFs and equities which are subjected to 30% withholding tax?

An investment in StashAway or Autowealth will probably contain a high proportion of US ETFs and equities. I’m pretty new to investment, but I caught this part mentioning that there is this 30% withholding tax for all US investments. How does it work? Does this mean when I sell them off eventually, all my earnings will need to slash off a big chunk of 30% of it? Doesn’t this sound not worth it and invest in something else instead? For instance, Asian equities that doesn’t have this kind of tax.

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    • Nicholes Wong
      Nicholes Wong, Diploma in Business Management at Nanyang Polytechnic

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      Answered on 16 Jan 2019

      The tax is on dividend. So example you get 1% dividend for a particular us stock. You will have to pay 0.3% to US government and you keep 0.7%. If you were to buy ireland domiciled ETFs from london stock exchange, the withholding tax will be reduced to 15% as they have tax treaty with the US. If you dont want to buy etf yourself, robo advisors are alright.

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