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Asked 4w ago

Is $5k enough to start dividend investing?

Considering all the fees involved, is $5k a reasonable sum to begin investing in a dividend stock? Looking to invest via DBS Vickers to hold in the long run and increase the size of my dividend portfolio every year. How frequent should I invest (DCA monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly/yearly) and how much each time?


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5K is a good amount per transaction or per stock. Even if you want to DCA, invest every quarterly for example when you have 5k that you are willing and able to put aside.

Do note that your dividend portfolio does not comprise of only 1 stock. You will need to diversify them over the years


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Using DBS Vickers Cash Upfront, I think $5k is reasonable though the best amount to put in is $8.3k. I think I would prefer to practise splitting the purchase into few different tranches as we are in this uncertain situation.

For dividend stock, I dont see the need to have any sort of frequency. Like for myself I bought DBS, I will average down at 10-20% below my buy in price.


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