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Asked 3w ago

InstaReM vs Transferwise? Which card is better?

Even though I have read Seedly's article: I am still curious to hear about how you guys made the decision to choose either one of the above multicurrency card.


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Hui Wai Kit
Hui Wai Kit
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Answered 2w ago

The former isn't released yet so as of now you'll only be able to use Transferwise's. That being said, InstaReM's AMAZE sounds very promising though, considering you can link up to 10 cards to it, even your transferwise card if i understood correctly (let that sink in now..)

But ultimately, the card isn't released yet so we'll see when it does.

Meanwhile there are other MCC's that are worth taking a look at as well! I personally use Revolut and really like how easy it is to find and use everything. You can find second and third opinions here: