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Asked on 16 Aug 2019

Important: Anyone use Singtel Data X Infinity-Unlimited data?

Hi, I need to move to a new room in September and unfortunately, my new landlord does not have internet broadband at home, so I will have to get one on my own.

Problem is, all these Broadband requires a 2-year contract but I won’t be staying in this apartment for that long so I don’t want to sign a 2-year contract.

Instead, I'm considering Singtel Unlimited Data. Apart from using data on my mobile phone, can I use the data on my laptop and iPad too? Is it really unlimited data per month?


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David Morgan
David Morgan
Level 4. Prodigy
Updated on 20 Aug 2019

Hello, I’m using Data X Infinity. On the contrary, it’s not “Infinity”. When I signed the plan, the Singtel staff told me there’s a limit. And the limit is until 50gb; after you hit 50gb, it will be 1mbs. So it’s technically not Infinity.

Yup, you can use the data on your laptop/iPad thru your own mobile hotspot.

But been using a few months, I’m an avid gamer and I only hit about 20-25gb in one month. So I think there’s extra “room” for your laptop and iPad.


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20 Aug 2019

Hi David, thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I like watching movies and YouTube video on a daily basis. On top of that, i will have to watch my lecture videos every night as I study part time at NTU. Do u think 50GB will be enough for me.
David Morgan
David Morgan

20 Aug 2019

Hello, you are welcome. Typically movies you watched are from Netflix or? If it’s Netflix then I strongly recommend you to download the movies you prolly gonna watch preferably in WIFI. So you gotta go those free wifi place to download those movies then watch it without ur data. I think if u implement that, 50gb should be sufficient for your YouTube videos and lecture videos. Hope this helps.