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If you could turn back time. How would you have invested your first 10k. And what about now?

Would you recommend ETFs like everyone else in the community?

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  • Christopher Tan
    Christopher Tan, Executive Director at MoneyOwl Private limited
    Level 4. Prodigy
    Answered on 04 Feb 2019

    Hi anonymous, thank you so much for your question and so sorry for the late reply. I generally do not like to prerscribe a product before understanding the full context of your financial situation. It is like deciding what ingredients to buy before we know what we want to eat and the recipe.

    But I would generally say "yes" to your question. My firms' (Providend and MonwyOwl) investment philosopohy is that we do not believe in timing the market. There is no need to as well. We also believe in lowering the cost of investing. ETFs is one good way to access index investing and also it is low cost. However, as ETFs are listed on the stock markets and there are brokerage cost involved in buying them, please be mindful that you do not do many small transactions.

    And by the way, if I have only $10,000, my preference is to invest in a more broadly diversified ETF such as the SPDR S&P500 rather than STI. The Singapore market is just too small.

    Hope this helps.

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