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If I marry a foreigner and intend to have 2 kids, would it be better to buy a four room resale flat or apply for a four room BTO with my parents?

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    • Siti Putri
      Siti Putri
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      Answered on 02 Nov 2018

      It is not about "better" per se but your eligibility and affordability. You can only buy BTO if your spouse is a SPR and you are a SG citizen if not forget about it not eligible. For resale, your spouse must be at least on LTVP pass but cannot be a co-owner but just a legal occupier status in the paperwork. Any other pass like EP/WP/Spass not applicable. Of course if you are above 35 years and can afford it can just buy solo. Your spouse can form the family nucleus if needed. If you are not SG citizen but SPR you cannot buy a resale HDB until after 3-5 years SPR issued.

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