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I’m having troubles with my spouse recently. He does not bother about the family finances and we have 2 kids. He only cares about work and nothing else. How do I convince him to be more savvy and read up more?

I'm doing all the work for the household finances and planning as well. It's really tiring and wish that he is able to help out more. He brings home a decent salary around $8k a month. But unfortunately he does not have a sense of how to help the family planning.


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Junus Eu
Junus Eu,
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Answered on 18 Mar 2019

I agree with Dawn and applaud him for bringing in the dough for a start! As a working adult, there were times when I would end work very late, and start early the next morning. The last thing on my mind is to start thinking about family finances, not because I don't care, but there are so many things that are burdening me at work. On top of work issues, there would be inevitably people issues, politics, promotion issues that he would need to think of as well.

If he lost his job, that would likely be more immediately detrimental than him currently not caring about household finances, especially if he is the sole breadwinner.

To think about it from another perspective, perhaps he trusts you wholeheartedly to manage the family's finances! You could always broach the topic on weekends where he might be less stressed, and even start with your children first re: personal finance? You never know, he might start getting interested!


Dawn Fiona
Dawn Fiona,
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Answered on 14 Aug 2018

It is great that he's focused on work and earning money to feed you and the family :) in that case, what about being the one in charge of the planning? Some people are more suited to plan / earn / invest / manage. I'm the CFO doing all the financial planning and allocation for my husband and I too, and the kids expenses, haha. I let my husband focus on work cos that's his strength.



I start with this quote

"Happy wife is Happy life for hubbies out there.

Happiness bring healthy mind and body

Good Health and Happy family"

Hi sis, In my own opinion,

I think you got a good husband, focusing his high state energy perfomance for his money making job.

As a family, we got our ultimate KPI or core focus, in which we focus to bring "food/money" back home, we are the provider.

Perhaps he trusted you can help him to manage your family resources.

Ultimately he cares. :) Looks like I am on his side.

Let's find a good time when he is comfortable or less stressful to discuss about this key matter.

Repeating this quote:

""Happy wife is Happy life for hubbies out there.

Happiness bring healthy mind and body

Good Health and Happy family"

Life is too short to worry or to stress out things that we cannot control

Perhaps we can control our innerself or our emotion to make it a better day :)

Better family :)

All the best :)