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I'm 28 and wanting to make a career change in to accounting. What is the fastest way to do it?

I'm from IT, but worked for a couple of IT firms. Being in this firm, I had to familiarise myself with accounting softwares and how to use them. I gained an interest in them, and now hope to shift to it. Where do I start?

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  • Jason Sin
    Jason Sin
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    Answered on 26 Nov 2018

    Perhaps you could take up a course in accounting to see if you really like accounting. You could consider combine your IT skills with accounting to make yourself more marketable. Just my humble opinion.

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  • HC Tang
    HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society
    399 Answers, 937 Upvotes
    Answered on 21 Nov 2018

    Doing full accounts means you'll need Degree in Accouting or CPA or ACCA which takes times / $ and may not pass at 1 go.

    Instead of Accounting, shoul focus on IT accounting software consultancy etc since you have the background.

    Fastest way ? Advertise yourself for freelance services or even community services for charitable organizations in helping the company when they try to buy new accounting software / migrated existing accounts. Gaining experience and add on to your portfolio is fastest way to gain grounds on Accounting / IT.

    Note: The future is on FinTech (IT + Finance + Accounts), do join startup networking events, FinTech talks / conference to find out more and talk to the people to get more opportunities by networking!

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