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I have intention to resign for better pay and benefits but my boss only intend to increase my current pay to match the offer. Should I leave or stay?

I receive a job offer which has a higher pay and better benefit like having longer leave, 13th month and year end bonus than the current company. I have the intention of resigning but the current boss only intend to increase my salary to match the offer. Should I leave or stay?

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    • Teoh Zetong
      Teoh Zetong
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      Answered 6d ago

      You can use math to determine the best package.

      Longer leave is essentially more money too, you are paid to do nothing about work, so it's more money. If you work only on weekdays then one day of paid leave is worth your annual salary / (5 days *52 weeks ).

      Total up everything to see if it matches your new pay from your current job.

      And yes, what if it still matches??

      WOW, that raise though. In that case, use other factors to decide:

      • working hours (do you have to OT alot)

      • career progression (do you get a promotion in the new company)

      • work environment (what do people work there say about the company)

      • colleagues and boss (do you like working with them)

      Then also ask back yourself, why did you resign in the first place

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    • Serene Toh
      Serene Toh
      38 Answers, 78 Upvotes
      Answered 2w ago

      From the post, it sounds like you want to leave & have already decided to leave, so don't actually need any advise. Maybe you can let us know what are the reasons that even made you consider staying?

      e.g. Nice boss, relaxing work, near you house, etc..?

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    Yong Kah Hwee
    Yong Kah Hwee

    Top Contributor (Dec)

    423 Answers, 580 Upvotes
    29 Nov 2018

    I think it depends on your interest. Which company would you be more interested to work in? Which company would you be happier in?

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