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I drag my feet to work every day. Should I consider a change of career even though I'm only 28?

I studied accounting for my degree. My company is pretty okay, but I just really don't look forward to the work. Instead, I look forward to coding programs online (though I have no official background), and spend most of my weekend working on codes. Should I change my career?

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    • Kok Koon
      Kok Koon
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      Answered on 27 Nov 2018

      I can't tell you what to do, I can only tell you what I did. I did accounting degree too and my passion is in digital marketing. Didn't do the Big Four route cos I couldn't see myself pass 12months, let alone 36months to get my CA.

      At 24, I dreaded my corporate work and after working 14 months + pay back all my study loan. Quit my job to start a business.

      Learn lots from the first business but eventually parted ways and build my side hustle with focus. The OMO served me well but I was evaluating my choice when I saw my friends rising up their corporate ladder.

      At 29, I had to decide if I want to stay self-employed or go back and start from the bottom of the ladder and work my way up. So I took a #yolo trip to #findmysoul - i intended it 6 months but with an ongoing project I took 2 weeks. In that 2 weeks of travel, i realised what I had was a firstworld problem. I was doing ok and I want to jettison everything for something uncerta

      I also remembered why I dread a corporate job - I even filmed the dreadful CBD crowd marching towards their offices in the morning and watch it on my phone when i was talking a 5-day professional course to be reintroduced to corporate life. That drive kept me out of a corporate career. So, my journey is somewhat similar, questions and questions before the big 30. If you have financial commitments/liabilities, make sure your decision is risk-calibrated/managed. Otherwise, experiment fast.

      One thing I've learned so far about career/work choices: Few know exactly what they are meant to do/their true north/ikigai. For me, i learn to strike out quickly what I hate doing and keep trying new things. Once I find something/a community I like, I dig deep. Kiss many frogs, one might become a prince. Date the prince. If it's a good fit, marry it with the rest of your life and make the most out of it. Carpe diem!

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      • Xinyi Lum
        So encouraged by your answer, Kok Koon! Thanks for sharing~
        28 Nov 2018
    • Yuhan Lian
      Yuhan Lian
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      Updated on 27 Nov 2018

      Given that you spend the weekend coding away, do ask yourself if you really enjoy it. For me, I fell in love with it.

      Here's some route you can consider:

      1) Hold on to your job, but during your free time say, after work or during weekend, build something and keep going through those free tutorials on YouTube and read those well-written documentation.

      These days, most technical team prefer someone who can do the job rather than some paper qualifications.

      2) Enroll into a course full time basis. I did mine in and never regretted spending 3 months working from morning till late, learning something new and to code in a big group. Though it is considered a tech bootcamp.

      3) If you need some allowance, consider internship. Some developers are kind enough to teach. You'll be surprised how much they are willingly to share. Rarely do I get this when I was in poly and uni.

      Regardless of which route you take, you should be ready to feel some discomfort and of course some financial strain if you do take the full time path.

      About me: I did step 1, 2, 3, and now work in MNC as a developer after a year preparation :)

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    Yong Kah Hwee
    Yong Kah Hwee
    Top Contributor

    Top Contributor (Feb)

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    26 Nov 2018

    it depends. do you see yourself being happy in another job? how probable would that be? if it is very probable, then yes, you should change your career.

    in the meantime, learn as much about coding as you can. Skills future offers some courses on coding i believe!

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