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Asked by Anonymous

Asked 1w ago

How much % of my salary should I put to StashAway & DBS Invest Saver for mid-high risk?

Have saved enough warchest funds, and am thinking of investing $250/mth to Stashaway & $200/mth to DBS invest saver.

But I'm not sure if it’s too little/much etc, and is this the right timing to enter?

Also, fees wise, is it recommended to invest here because the initial fee will be Low but as AUM increases it can grow to a hefty sum per month


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Asheesh Chanda
Asheesh Chanda
Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered 6d ago

Hi there, It's always worth putting 20-25% of your salary into mid-long term investments to build a portfolio - with discipline. There is typically no right time to enter but you can always increase your size of investment on certain days when you feel markets are oversold for e.g where they were in last Dec 2018.

As per the fee, you can also evaluate Kristal.AI as we have a free account for the first $50,000 worth of ETF investments. We charge only on amounts above 50K.

More reviews about us are here:




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Preeti Gahlot
Preeti Gahlot

6d ago

This is so helpful 👍
Tee-Ming Chew
Tee-Ming Chew

5d ago

Hi Asheesh, perhaps you want to explain how Kristal.AI is different from the other robo-advisors?

Hi, as a general guideline, you will want to allocate at least 20% of your salary into investments. More if you can afford it, although you must remember not to overcommit. So take a look at your salary and see if you are in this range of 20%.

If you are going in monthly, then you should not be concerned about timing. This is because you will be doing DCA, and hence it is more important to spend time in the market rather than timing the market. You will need to have a horizon of at least 5 years or more to really see results. You will also need to consider your costs of investing, and how they impact you. I can recommend that you take a look at UTs also as there are no sales charges if you RSP on POEMS, so your full amount is invested.


Question Poster

1w ago

Hmm, I see POEMS has no sales charge, platform fees, switching fees. What are the fees and what is the catch then?
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee

1w ago

That is for unit trusts. Fees are more applicable to stocks/ETF
Harvey Tan
Harvey Tan
Level 5. Genius
Answered 1w ago

If you do not have a lot of financial commitments, 50% - 60% is very much doable assuming that you are keeping a close watch on your expenses. Recommend listing down all your expenses on a spreadsheet if you want to take it to this level. Of course, the above 50%-60% is assuming that you are earning a decent monthly salary. I would say around 2.8k take home for me. Else, at the bare minimum, I would say 20% is alright. If you are interested to minimise your cost and fees, I would recommend DIY investing, i.e. picking your own investment fund rather than going through StashAway. Generally speaking, I would stay away from unit trusts. Some argue that there is no sales charge. But most forget that most UT are actively managed funds and they are more expensive to invest in than passive products. Look into ETFs.

Note the same asset securities can be packaged into either UTs or ETFs. It is just a legal structure, each with its own nuances and unique attributes. Last but not least, forget about timing the market. Even the experts have a hard time doing it right. Time in market is more important. Buy and hold your funds for at least 10-20 years. At least for me, I am holding it till retirement and slowly cashing it out.

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