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Asked on 08 Oct 2018

How much does MBA cost and is it worth it?

Graduated from NUS for about two years now. Thinking of the option of pursuing an MBA. Do you think it is worth it?


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At the time of writing, I am currently pursuing my MBA at SMU as a part-time student.

It is heck of a difficult question to answer to be honest as your situation and mine would differ by a mile.

I took a pragmatic approach (at least from my point of view),

  1. Timing - I wanted to continue to earn while studying. So, studying while working made sense. Also, I had the "spare time" and to study seemed a good used ot my spare time.

  2. Time to learn vs time to earn mindset. I am doing both. I learn at school and I learn at work. I learn all the time.

  3. Transformation - I paid my tuition fees (you can check online) out of my own pocket. This gave me huge skin in the game motivation to fight to complete the programme. It is like a BTO to some extent.

What did I expect gaining from the programme before joining?


What do I hope to get after graduating?

Network Effects

Hope this helps, and you can ping me if you wish to chat.


Pascal - Launchers.Asia

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Pascal Samsoon
Pascal Samsoon

1d ago

Quick Update - I recently completed my MBA at SMU!

The cost can vary depending on the university. The top tier MBA can go up to 100k+ and a very lousy tier can go 30k+

All depends what is your aim to get it. I believe if it is for career advancement, it is better to get sponsorship by company. There you can network with other C-suite executives.