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Asked on 08 Sep 2019

How long do we have to give ourselves to know if we are good/suitable in a job?

I’m actually 7 months into my second job at age 24 and not sure if this is what I really want? My first job was a contract job and is totally unrelated to my current one. How much time do we need to give ourselves to gauge if we are actually suitable in this field? Every day, I still feel like there is stuff which I’m not sure and I’m starting to wonder is it because I’m not suited in this field? Would love to have some advice, thank you!


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I honestly believe you have till 35 to figure it out. As long as during that time you keep searching instead of bumming around and you can be independent, keep finding that dream job.

I'm sure at 24 you probably have very little commitments if any, and probably don't have dependents or major liabilities.

Your career will take up more years than you have been alive, better make sure you enjoy it.

Build skills, make connections, broaden your horizons, and try not to turn down opportunities along the way.


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08 Sep 2019

Thank you! I’m a person with low confidence and I’m always doubting myself. I guess I will give myself myself more time and figure it out. Thanks for your advise!
Hariz Arthur Maloy
Hariz Arthur Maloy

08 Sep 2019

Remember, you're an asset. Find something you enjoy doing, and do anything to takes to be the best at it. Once you find it, get obsessed and start measuring improvement and receive feedback along the way. :)