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Asked on 13 Nov 2019

How does the UOB One cash rebate bill redemption work?

I am new to UOB credit card and confused about the cash rebate bill redemption (which might have resulted in different rebate tiers per expectation). E.g if I spent $1100 on Oct, and on Oct statement, there is $150 cash rebate awarded that is used to offset the bill, hence I only need to pay $950 for Oct bill.

My question here is:

1) The transactional amount on Oct is $1100 or $950 (1100-150)?

2) Is it the same for other credit cards?

Thanks for your kind help.


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  1. The total amount spent on your card is $1,100. Since there is a cash rebate of $150, this amount is used to offset part of your bill. Accordingly, you will only need to pay $1,100 - $150 = $950 for your October’s UOB One credit card bill.

  2. Depends. Most cash back cards work the same way, i.e. you will only need to pay the net bill (total spent minus cash rebate)

In any case, you may refer to the “total amount due” on your statement to ensure that you pay the correct amount for your bill.


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George Tan
George Tan
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Answered on 26 May 2020

No. UOB title is always misleading. You need to read the term and condition carefully. You need to spend $1000 consecutively for 3 months during the qualifying quarter, then you will enjoy a cash rebate of $100 for that quarter. which means only $33.33 cash rebate for one month. If you spend less than $500 in November, you do not get any cash rebate at all. Which mean no cash rebate for that quarter. The cash rebate you enjoyed is only 3.33% per month at most and 0% if you spend less than $500 in a particular month during the qualifying period.

the cash rebate only reflected in your card after the qualifying period is over.


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