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Updated 3w ago

For users of Circles Life, do you find that you have to call twice to get to a recipient number who is also Circles Life number?


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Junus Eu
Junus Eu,
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Level 8. Wizard
Answered on 04 Apr 2019

Have been a long time user of Circles - personally don't get that issue!


Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee, Growth Marketing Lead at Seedly
Level 4. Prodigy
Updated 3w ago

I don't seem to get that issue, did that happen to two or more Circles users that you've tried calling towards already? If the issue persists maybe you can ping their support on FB.


Kenneth Lou
Question Poster

26 Dec 2018

Yeah it's been happening to me very frequently. In fact, especially from Circles to Circles number especially
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee

27 Dec 2018

Hmm, that is most odd. Yeah, best would be to try reaching out to the CS team on FB! All the best!