Asked by Chen Zhirong

Do you have any regrets in your saving path?

Example: something you should have spent on but didn't?

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    • Dawn Fiona
      Dawn Fiona
      60 Answers, 136 Upvotes
      Answered on 14 Aug 2018

      None, I think I made all the best decisions I could have possibly made under those circumstances :) many of my friends regretted not switching to a high-yield saving account earlier or topping up their CPF, but I've done all the moment I could!

      I seldom focus on regret. I look back on the past to learn from my mistakes instead.

      But in terms of investing, yes I do have some regrets there, like not having started earlier, not having attended certain courses sooner, etc.

      OH I just thought of one more, but this is not in my personal situation though.

      Many people regret NOT having spent on insurance while they were healthy and had the chance to. So don't let that become a regret, remember to make sure you're well covered

      Remember, in my guide to financial freedom, insurance and protection comes BEFORE investment!

      (of course, don't overpay for insurance also lah. and I don't believe in mixing insurance and investment. I could have saved much more if I didn't buy my ILP back then! )

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    • Soon Xiaohui
      Soon Xiaohui
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      Answered on 14 Aug 2018

      hmm actually its never too late to realize the importance of saving than never. so instead of thinking/focusing on the regrets. Why don't you explore more to improve ur furture :)

      And plus everyone has a different lifestyle, so avoid comparing ur life to others, because having a negative mindset may actually make yourself feel bad and for some people they may ended up spending more when they are in foul mood. Even if you have plans for saving, do rem to save a bucket to enjoy life. Life is short. You gonna to be happy so that you can enjoy the fruits of your investment.

      I would prefer to look at those mistake(s) we made in our saving path as a reminder & learn how to improve from there.

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    HC Tang
    HC Tang, Financial Enthusiast, Budgeting at The Society

    Top Contributor (Jan)

    360 Answers, 869 Upvotes
    14 Aug 2018

    Maybe don't focus on regret because we cannot turn back time.

    Let's start saving now, it's never too late.

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