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Chin Guo Qiang

Asked on 19 Jan 2020

Between Citi Prestige and OCBC Voyage, which is the better mid-tier card?

What are the pros and cons of each card? Which card gives me the best miles rates? Which is the easiest to hack miles from?


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Both cards are pretty similar in that they allow you to effectively buy miles from the annual fee, and have unlimited lounge access (but Voyage works with Plaza Premium whereas Prestige works with Priority Pass, which has more lounges and includes some Plaza Premium lounges as well). Their earn rates are quite comparable as well.

Citi has the added benefit of the JetQuay and 4th night free going for it, since the limo benefit is far better on Voyage.

Voyage miles are extremely flexible in that they can be used to offset revenue airfare payments.

So in the end, they are both unique in their own ways. If you could, take both. There's no harm in that.


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Barry Allen
Level 6. Master
Answered on 04 Feb 2020

It really depends on what you're looking for in your CC. I have both but I think I will cancel VOYAGE if I only want one premium card. The Citi Prestige 4th night free more than pays for the annual fee. Also, if you don't qualify for premier VOYAGE, you earn more miles per dollar on local spend with the Citi Prestige.

With Premier (and above) VOYAGE, I would choose to have both cards.


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Level 3. Wonderkid
Answered on 30 May 2020

With the current pandemic and travel restrictions negates most of the benefits of any mid-tier cards (ie. 120k credit cards) at the moment.

I have both of them and hands down I would go for Citi Prestige as it offers the clearest ROI in terms of annual fee recovery; including the previous mentioned 4NF benefit, Boingo Wi-Fi, 25,000 annual miles and unlimited lounge access (+1 guests) via Priority Pass.

If you purely go for accumulating miles, OCBC Voyage has a higher earning rate, 1.3 mpd (local) / 2.3 (overseas). Prestige has same local earning as Voyage but “only” 2.0 overseas.

Summary: In between these two cards. Benefits: Citi Prestige Accumulating miles: Voyage

If I where you and you haven’t signed up, hold it off for the time being until leisure travels picks up again.


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