As of now IF you have $10,000, will you put it in endowment plan or use it to invest in stock and why? - Seedly
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Asked 1w ago

As of now IF you have $10,000, will you put it in endowment plan or use it to invest in stock and why?

Which option will be better?


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Well it would depend on my risk profile, appetite, and strategy.

If I'm risk adverse, I'll never buy stocks, if i love taking risk, I might never buy an endowment plan.

So it's an individual choice and it has to be.


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Ultra-long term buy & hold of broadly diversified, cheap and large, physically replicated passive indexing stock ETFs (complemented by 5-10% physical gold) with periodic (f.ex. quarterly) investing via a cheap online broker and all currency switches made (not by the broker or bank but) by Transferwise seems a sound strategy. Avoid mutual funds/unit trusts at all costs.


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There's more than 2 options to your hypothetical question.

Let me broaden the scope of your question by suggesting another option which guarantees your capital, gives you a decent return relative to endowment plans, and gives you liquidity. Singlife Manage is a decent product that gives you 2.5% per annum. :)


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The better option will be one that fulfils your needs.

If you prefer a financial instrument with some form of certainty in its returns, then a participating endowment plan may be a better choice. However, there will be a minimum lock-in period, and you shouldn't expect exceptionally high returns.

More Details:

What is a Participating Fund?

On the other hand, if you prefer a financial instrument that is capable of generating potentially higher return, then investment may be a better choice. However, you need to have the foresight to pick the correct funds as the returns are non-guaranteed.

More Details:

Types of Investment Risk that You should know

Having mentioned that, there are also situations when we can consider a hybrid solution, i.e. half endowment, half investment.

Either way, I won't put $10,000 into a single stock as the lack of diversification poses unnecessarily high risk.

All in all, there is no right or wrong answer. Above all, meeting your needs is all that matters.

I share quality content on estate planning and financial planning here.


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Nice answer from Hariz above, I think my own investment experience and emotional stability counts as well.


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