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Asked on 26 Dec 2019

Are there better ways to get HDB flats?

I have attempted to get a HDB flat via BTO and Sales of Balance exercises but haven't been successful. What should I do other than looking at Resale flats?


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jiajing wang
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Answered on 27 Dec 2019

Did you try to get those BTO and sales of balance flats at any location opened for sale or oy the location you would want.. If location wise you are unable to get, you really have to consider those other locations that are at non mature area or those u have not considered before

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01 Jan 2020

Have tried both BTO and SoB flats. But you're right, I applied to those matured estates and have been quite competitive. Both me and my partner really want to stay central and near the MRT so we are rather quite picky. (Also because we are currently staying north and spend quite a huge amount of time traveling to our workplace)

If BTO or Sales of Balance is the preferred option, then you should consider to ballot again during the next exercise. This is because there is nothing else that you can do to boost or increase the probability of success for BTO.

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