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Asked on 17 Mar 2020

Anyone heard of or has tried the WireX and their travel card? What's the appeal of it and who are these guys?

Recently chanced across the WireX and their Travel Card, read up a bit on it but I don't really understand what makes it stand out, or understand the company themselves. Seems to be quite popular in other countries like the UK or HK.


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Hi Anon,

WireX is part of a wave of new Fintech Companies that have popped up in the last decade, focused mainly on Cryptocurrency and multi-currency. They may be mentioned in the same breath as Crypto.com and TenX when it comes to Cryptocurrency- in the usage of Crypto in everyday transactions; as well as possibly Youtrip and Revolut when it comes to Multi-Currency Cards. They don't really have a presence in Singapore yet, but I believe they're trying to break into the market here.

You'd have to open an account with them- it'll allow you to buy Crypto, top-up your wallet using credit cards etc. Only then will you be able to apply for your WireX Card. Their WireX Travel card functions as a multi-currency card that can have both crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-fiat transactions. This is unique, as their aforementioned competitors in the same multi-currency space usually only focus on one of these types of transactions. Moreover, they also have a rewards program called Cryptoback, which is a cryptocurrency rewards programme gives you up to 1.5% back in your BTC account.

These are some other features of the WireX card:

  • Make international payments- The app lets you transfer money to anyone in the world, fee-free, at the interbank exchange rate.

  • Fee-free global spending- Your Wirex card automatically makes overseas payments in the local currency at the interbank rate without charging any exchange fees.

  • Free ATM withdrawals- You can withdraw from both local and overseas ATMs for free.

  • Hold different currencies in your account- You can hold a balance or make an exchange in 8 digital and 11 traditional currencies within the app.

  • Control your card and account- You can block and unblock your card in the Wirex app as well as set monthly spending limits.

  • Referral Codes- Also, for every successful referral, both you and your friend will receive $10 worth of bitcoin.

  • Worldwide acceptance- Wirex cards can be used wherever Visa is accepted, whether in stores or online.

  • Buy, hold and spend cryptocurrency.

It's still very early, as if I'm correct, they only entered the Singaporean market in late 2019. We'll have to see how they position themselves to make an impact, in order to fully assess their potential as a multi-currency/crypto card.​​​


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