Any affordable Early Critical Insurance (ECI) policy to recommend? I am keen to buy for my wife who is in her mid 20s? - Seedly
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Asked on 21 Oct 2018

Any affordable Early Critical Insurance (ECI) policy to recommend? I am keen to buy for my wife who is in her mid 20s?

My close friend's mother just got breast cancer in her early 50s and I read about her story of how much she had spent to go through the follow up treatment for chemo, radiation and hormone therapy beyond just the operation (which was covered by Medisave) Looking at the increasing trend of breast cancer in women today, I am keen to get for my wife who is in her mid 20s but I'm unsure where to find good policies or can I DIY? Interested to hear which provider is the best.


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Hey Anon, I run SG Woman Insurance, and this is something we've been working on for the last few months now.

I would suggest getting a multi pay CI plan as it covers all stages of illness and also in the event of relapse which is something Breast Cancer has a habit of doing.

We also advocate going for a yearly screening for Pap Smear, Urine and blood test, and pelvic and breast examination, plus getting the HPV vaccine as soon as you can. We have insurance plans that allow you to claim a free yearly screening as well.

You may contact me or drop my page a message. I'm an IFA and we can show a comparison of the available options in the market.


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Luke Ho
Luke Ho

21 Oct 2018

I'm an ECI specialist and I approve this message
Question Poster

22 Oct 2018

Thank you for your reply. Will check it out and contact you if I'm keen to move ahead with this plan.
Dawn Fiona
Dawn Fiona
Level 7. Grand Master
Answered on 21 Oct 2018

There is no "best" provider nor "best" policy. Every insurer and policy has its pros and cons that are suitable for different types and profiles of people. Is affordability more important? Or extensive coverage more important? or claims history of success? amount of coverage? conditions of payout? All these factors differ across the insurer - how do you define what is "best"?

Instead, you should be asking which is "best for you and your wife".

The best way would be to speak with a / multiple insurance agents to get their opinions + a quote. I would advise against DIY-ing ECI as you don't really want to be stranded when it comes to claims (you'll be emotionally tired by then, imagine having to deal with insurance claims still if that happens). Personally, I would speak with MULTIPLE agents before making a decision, and go with the agent who has been in the business the longest or whom you think is unlikely to leave and ditch your policy halfway through.


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