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Updated on 18 Apr 2019

a savings plan that pay 10years roll another 5 yrs. Each mth pay 450$. At the end of 15 years.. Probably abt 64k, best is 74k. Continue with this plan or change to investment plan? 5 mths into it. ?


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The XIRR is between 1.62% (projected at 3.25%) to 3.01% (projected at 4.75%). And the numbers posted looks oddly familiar to Aviva's MyWealthPlan. I highly think it is.

In the guaranteed product space, this is the kind of yields you'll possibly get (low 3+% for a 15 year product). It has a higher projected return than SSB but sacrifices liquidity but also has a potential for lower return.

But you've sunken in 2000+ dollars already, unless you're changing from guaranteed product to non-guaranteed investment, it would be hard to make up for your sunk cost.


Luke Ho
Luke Ho, Money Maverick at Money Maverick
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Answered on 08 Apr 2019

I generally don't recommend abandoning plans, but its extremely possible to beat 74k in 15 years with the kind of capital you're pouring into it.

Even if I only help you invest and yield 4%, you'll still get $80,578 from that capital in 15 years. Thats more than enough to make up for your losses and then some.

If we aim for a higher annualized yield, you should be able to get more money. And this is my field of expertise. (

You can always contact me here to discuss more, and you should probably act fast since you're paying each month.