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19 Jul 2019


Would like to know how much do the people age 20-30 save monthly?

P.S, I know that most of you go by % of monthly income, but I'm self employed and my pay range is huge so would like to know how much I aim to put aside every month, thanks!

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26 this year.

1000 to SSB

500 to roboadvisor

200 to sg etf

800 to parents

save the rest after remaining expenses

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I save 30% every month automatically via standing instructions to transfer from my salary crediting account to my savings account :)

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I started off setting aside at least 50% of my salary from the time I got my first paycheck and it is possible once you determine the kind of lifestyle you need and it's relating budget. It works for me - my aim was to hit six figure savings by 25, and also to buy freehold property by that age. I missed by target for property buying by one year (i was 26 then).

Bottom line is - it always helps to have a monthly goal!

P.S. I started from 18, don't come from a privileged background, and paid for my university education in full as I did not want to take on debt.

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When I was 26, I take home around 3,000 every month, I saved 2,000.

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I'm 26 years old and I save around $4,000 a month and I strictly set aside $600 for own spend. I'm b...

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