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23 Dec 2022



Will you stay in your job with low pay for the sake of not looking like a job hopper?

In a delimma to stay on in my low paying job at the same time, I don't want it to look like i'm job hopping. Does 6 months or 1 year look bad on the resume?

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Are you a fresh grad or has been working for many years?

I don't think if only 1 short term job will impact a lot of your future career

It depends. Sometimes it's better to leave for another job after just 6 months or 1 year if you feel it's not working out. However, if you do that a few times in succession it starts to look like the problem might be you and not the companies you worked at (or the jobs, pay and working conditions).


Is the problem really the pay or how you're getting along with your co-workers? (One of the HR directors where I worked once told me that "people don't leave companies, people leave people").

How do we negotiate on a higher salary since I believe most of the companies pay based on last drawn salary? If my current company has 18 days AL and new offer only has 14, should I ask for higher salary to compensate the lesser days of AL?

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I think it's ok to hop - as long as there's a valid reason for it that can be explained to employers... if there's a better opportunity out there, why not?

While staying with one company may look good on paper in terms of stability and commitment, it won’t...

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