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26 Aug 2020


Why should I invest in Endowus compared to the other robo-advisors? How does it stand out from the rest in the market?

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Samuel Rhee

Samuel Rhee

26 Aug 2020

Level 8·Chief Investment Officer at Endowus

Thank you for your questions. We built Endowus to solve the biggest pain points of investors, which are lack of access to good investment products, advice, and fees. But more importantly, we wanted to build a uniquely Singapore solution that meets the needs of Singapore based investors and solves for our local problems and make it not only the lowest cost but the most efficient for Singapore based inverstos in FX and taxes too. We are as a result the first and only digital investment advisor for CPF investing. This means only on Endowus, can you invest across all your source of funds - CPF, SRS and Cash savings - to work seamlessly towards common investment goals, according to your risk appropriate level.
We quickly figured out that using US-listed ETFs is not as cheap as people think and we found a better way to invest in global markets. By giving access to institutional share class, globally diversified funds that are not available on other platforms.

We provide advice through our interface digitally and also in person, helping you understand how your wealth will grow over the years, and also advise you in terms of portfolio construction, and choice of tax efficient funds.

We are the lowest cost platform that ensure that the all-in cost of investing is less than 1% including fund level fees, transaction/brokerage, platform, custody, FX costs/fees, etc. All-in less than 1% which is the lowest achieveable. Others may tout low fees but if you add it all up, the numbers are much higher.

Finally, we are not VC funded and so not burning cash at a ridiculous level which means we are likely to be a more sustainable and stable company longer term. We have already see one robo close. We are not sure how many robos will survive in the long run. That is why our services and solutions look different very different versus all the other robos who look pretty much the same already but will look even more different going forward as we build a more holistic and product-agnostic total wealth solution.

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Endowus do helps with investing money inside CPF....

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