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Which career path will you choose, to suffer for the next 15 years and FIRE early, or take a chill job but retire later?

I'm current in my mid 30s, working in a stable industry (healthcare) for a few years now. I earn a comfortable pay but it is a very stressful environment with toxic boss. This job has been affecting my mental health (losing appetite, hyperventilation/twitching, not sleeping well).

I plan to retire or semi retire by 50/early 50s, which I believe with my job, I will be able to. Should I leave for a less stressful job for a lower pay (~20% cut), but delay my retirement plans to 55 or even 60?

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What are your thoughts?

I am working in the healthcare sector too and facing kind of the similar problems at work, amongst others. Eventually decided to take the paycut (10%) and go for a better working environment, which will start next month. I think in our current society, looking after your mental health is outmost important.

I plan to invest in myself more such as learning how to properly invest that would eventually help to supplement the income lost/paycut.

All the best!

HC Tang

HC Tang

23 Feb 2021

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The answer is very obvious. No job is worth your health or family.

Quit for a less stressful job , earn less now but when you enjoy and excel in that job, you'll gain more or another pays better comes along
. I believe in as long as you learn to love what you do , you'll do better and $ will come automatically. Simply because you excel in it.


Hi there, I'm a HCW too and I'm super impressed how you managed to stay at your current institution given its environment. Im in my 20s and I left my previous (public) institution after 2 months because the people there were not so friendly for my mental health to withstand. It was a tough choice because I'm worried people might think I'm a job hopper or am weak/not good enough, but i made the decision because i prioritised my mental health. And im glad i did. Subsequently, I took up a contract job that was much less stressful and got to really relax and reflect to know more about myself. Till today i still do not regret that decision in the least bit. Remember: play the long game. Take one step back to go two steps further. Also, maybe you can consider jobs in the private industry which have better remuneration and work life balance. All the best and take care!

Personally I refuse to slog for 15 years just to enjoy the next 15. I'd be worn out and possibly also jaded, haha. I'm totally cool with living my life like a marathon - pacing everything out, and enjoying life each day (the ups and the downs!)

Also, if I were to retire too early (assuming at age 35 with a monthly disposable income from my retirement fund of ~$3000 a month), I'd be pretty miserable. I'd be bored of traveling and sight-seeing all day every day. I'd also probably be too tired to pursue anything like building a startup (hey, I just slogged for 15 years!!)

So, no, I plan to pace my life out and enjoy every moment of it, the way I believe it should be :)

Cherie Tan


A picture is worth thousand words.

Take care and good luck with your decision! 😊


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