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22 Apr 2020


I am a 3rd-year Business School student and I have yet to decide what sort of career path I want to take. Should I be worried?

All my friends seem to know what they want but I have no clue. Is there something I should be thinking about that I am not?

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Hey there, I think I could emphatise with you a lot as back in my days in the Business school at Year 3, I wasn't prepared to settle on a career specialisation at all as well. Even upon graduation, my job applications were very varied - from BD, to Operations, to Marketing, to IT, to Finance.

What I did back then was to keep an open mind while applying, and hoping I'll be called up for an interview session. This is a good chance for you to learn more about the role and industry, and from there question yourself if you could picture yourself in the role for the next few years to come. Being open minded opens up a lot of doors and opportuniities, so don't be discouraged that you are undecided. Business in essence is a general certificate, compared to many specialised ones such as Engineering or IT.

Should you require a validation of your career path and interest, you could also look to short term contracts or internships to test the waters. Ultimately do not jump into a choice just because of time pressure, this decision is one that will impact you for the remaining parts of your career. All the best!​​​

Cedric Jamie Soh

22 Apr 2020

Director at Seniorcare.com.sg

Nope, most people in their twenties, thirties still can't decide what is the best path.

I know of a guy, on his 4th year of engineering degree, decided to pivot to business school. he didn't graduated from that too, switched to working as a salesperson, not doing badly now.

Another guy, 3rd year of engineering, switched to industrial design, stayed in NUS for 7 years, is damn happy with his career now.

he is making good money and damn happy with his job passion.

You can't really know what your career path is until you are inside. You may love it (yeah!) or you may hate it.

We adapt and we learn ;)

I graduated with economics and i am doing business, nothing to do with macroeconomics or energy or oil (my thesis is focused on oil)......

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