facebookI’m a year 2 University student and I’ve $30k savings. I really want to invest the money instead of leaving them in the bank however I’m overwhelmed with school. Any advice? - Seedly



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I’m a year 2 University student and I’ve $30k savings. I really want to invest the money instead of leaving them in the bank however I’m overwhelmed with school. Any advice?

Should I go to wealth managers? Is the amount too less?

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I am currently in Y4 and regret not investing earlier when I was in Y1/Y2 so good job in starting early! I would suggest using robo-advisors to start your investing journey. With robo-advisors, it would do all the work for you by optimising your portfolio and tracking its performance. I only started using AutoWealth this year and found it to be really reliable unlike Stashaway that seems to be doing badly. If you want to try AutoWealth too, here’s a link to get $20 off if you sign up with the PLANNER BEE promo code: https://plannerbee.co/product/long-term-growth-...

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01 Dec 2021

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Congrats on the savings!

It is a good mindset you have to get the money working for you. Generally, have a small portion of emergency funds as cash to tide you through should you need, and invest the rest. Financial advisors will have a bunch of products. My take is only get your health protection.

School can be daunting and investing is not an easy feat. It does take lots of time and effort to learn it first, then applying it, learning from mistakes till you become good at it.

A simple analogy is like being a doctor/lawyer. It takes years to study, then undergo residency, then being a doctor. Yet while being a doctor, you are still improving to become even better like a consultant. All these take time especially if you want to be profitable in the market. It will be wise to either get into index investments or funds that have a proven track record to manage your investments.

Hope the above helps! I do have opportunities to help you if you are interested. Just hit me up at my link for a casual chat!

Hi, I'd personally stick with passive investing. Simply dollar cost into an ETF such as CSPX that tracks the S&P500. This method is cost effective, time efficient and produces great results.

Unpopular Opinion Incoming.

You are young and able to invest in more volatile stocks. You have a long run way to earn your capital again should things go south (assuming there is no urgent need for money currently). The only way to achieve financial freedom 20 to 30 years down the road is to go for capital growth by investing in growth stocks (e.g. tesla). These stocks should yield at least a 20% returns per annum as compared to the recommended conservative options given in this thread.

Aim to invest in growth stocks which include companies that constantly innovates with proof of scability and a huge adressable market. Good examples of companies that failed to innovate would include Nokia and Kodak.

There are indeed a lot of people here recommending robo investor and trust/dividend stocks. Howevere, these recommendations would only give you a roughly a return of 5% to 10% (at best imo). Why not put some time into researching and achieve much higher returns while avoiding the fees you have to pay to other institutions for investing your money on your behalf?

Some numbers for your info:

Option 1 (personally not recommended imo) - 30k capital, 1k monthly investment, 10% growth would yield 2.5Mil after 30 years.

Option 2 (recommended imo) - 30k capital, 1k monthly investment, 20% growth would yield 21.3Mil after 30 years.

Yes, these numbers are only applicable if the companies you pick are right. With ample due diligience and research, there wouldn't be any issue! NEVER GO FOR MEME STOCKS!


Go for capital growth (not capital preservation). Go for growth investing (not value investing/dividend investing). With due diligence, achieving an annual returns of 20% is definitely not an issue.

PS: Bought Tesla when it was 160 post split while the whole world was saying "it is too overvalued". Guess who's laughing now?

Dca index funds or robo advisor. if you want to grow your money, you still have to put some effort i...

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