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What's the best hotel apps to use for frequent travellers?

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I like trip.com as they have an excellent customer service team who managed to resolve my query within 1 day. after I got radio silence from the hotel for days.

I think there's no one app that provides the best deal.. I often scanned through all the platforms to find the best deals.. currently Agoda seemed good due to loyalty benefits and some cash rebates.. u can earn more rebates if u shop through Shopback too..

Hanafi Zulkafle

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Hi Kel,


Recently I discovered this app called Hopper. Personally I think its a great app cause the interface is nice and it's extremely easy to use it. There are a lot of options available also. You can check it out and I hope it helps!

Hotel apps meaning to book hotels?


I personally use Expedia and avoid booking.com because it's been plagued by a series of scammy messages that several people have fallen victim to. If you're a member of travel groups, you'd be familiar with it. And for this reason, I also avoid Agoda, because they are under the same company.






If you want something that compares hotel rates across the different apps (traveloka, tripadvisor, expedia etc), then https://www.google.com/hotels is a good place to start because it compares prices across all the available travel platforms on one page.

I quite like booking.com. Have been using them since 2018 and have had no issues at all. Currently o...

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