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22 Sep 2020


What is Advisors Alliance Group (AAG)?

I saw many uni students sharing FREE investment content on social media. They seem extremely “Motivated and inspired”.

I found out that they worked under AAG and attends large scale conferences/events sometimes.

I understand AAG is under AIA. What products do they offer and is the commission very high?

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Hi Anonymous, thank you for the enquiry! Advisors Alliance Group (AAG) is an Authorised representative of AIA Financial Advisers Private Limited. Find out more about us here!


Hariz Arthur Maloy

03 Jun 2020

Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

AAG is a tied Financial Advisory agency that distributes AIA products.

So full suite of AIA life insurance solutions and commissions are pretty standard. That may entail some bonuses and incentives for top producers.

I believe a big part of their recruitment is in developing student advisors who are in University currently to take on internships and study and pass the certifications required to distribute life insurance products or work on a distributor framework and recommend friends and family to an advisor in the group and they earn a referral fee of sort.

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