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07 Jun 2019


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What is a standard SSB strategy like?

Regarding the SSB, if I plan to "invest" $500 every month from today, am I buying a new bond every month (in this case I will be holding 120 bonds in 10 years, and the last bond I buy maturing 20 years from today)? Or am I "pumping" money into the same bond?

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If SSB interest rate is set to increase monthly , should i still "invest" into ssb bond monthly (e.g. 500 /mth) ? or invest all (e.g. 3k) into ssb bond at year end?

Hariz Arthur Maloy

07 Jun 2019

Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

It's a different share of one bond each application. Thus, you'll be having a part of 120 bonds over 10 years if you apply and get it every month.

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