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Junda Ong

Junda Ong

Level 4

18 Apr 2019



If you were to write down your core investment strategy plan, what will it look like?

Eg. what do you do every week/month, what rules; you follow to buy/sell your investments. Will be a bonus to mention the tools you use.

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Ng Lip Hong Kyith

Ng Lip Hong Kyith

21 Aug 2018

Level 7Β·Chief Editor at Investment Moats

  1. Every day, I have 1 or 2 chats that provide me with what is going round the Singapore and Hong Kong exchanges. When i have some free time, i browse the chat to see if anything peek my interest
  2. Every night, I try to see if there are annoucements on the SGX, and go through them to see if there are anything interesting.
  3. If there is an interesting stock, I try to think about whether I prospect this business before. If i did i try to see what has changed, whether there is a new angle, a new growth trajectory to it. Or it could be that its dividend yield becomes attractive. If the stock seems attractive it is earmarked to be reviewed during the weekend.
  4. During the weekend try do more qualitative and quantitative analysis on the stock.
  5. ​

Not much tools. Just go through the SGX and HKSE annoucement session. Read analyst reports. Google and Google Spreadsheets.

Hariz Arthur Maloy

Hariz Arthur Maloy

18 Aug 2018

Level 15Β·Independent Financial Advisor at Promiseland Independent

So this may not be for everyone. This is something I'm building capital for in the meanwhile. (I'm writing this on my phone so there will be no paragraph spaces - I've tried, it doesn't work)

Fastest money > Fast Money > Slow Money > Guaranteed Money

I'll be putting majority of my capital into personal businesses first. My own startup, my self employed career as an IFA, & investing into franchises and other businesses. This I hope to compound at 50 - 200% in 3 to 5 years.

Since I know business doesn't last forever, I'll take my dividends to reinvest in business expansion and to invest in a globally diversified portfolio using mutual funds. I'm an advisor myself so I dont pay myself a sales charge or an advisor fee (a bit cheat lah I know).

Then in my 40s I will build a dividend paying portfolio for cashflow and financial independence.

And finally in my 50s, I'll convert a majority of my assets into an Annuity for Life plus insurance for legacy planning.

I will not invest in property as they become liabilities at an old age and don't usually retain the desired estate value when you die.

Jonathan Chia Guangrong

Jonathan Chia Guangrong

18 Aug 2018

Level 12Β·Cybersecurity Trainee at Bank in blue


managing an options portfolio, mainly selling weekly and monthly puts on preselected stocks, t...

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