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07 Jun 2019



What do you look for in a job, besides the pay? What is important to you?

Just curious on what Singaporeans look for in a job. Is it your boss, colleagues, jobscope, progression, work-life balance, etc?

Personally I find that having supportive co-workers, finding meaning in what you do, and work-life balance (so that you get to work on other aspects of your life) important.

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My boss shared with me about the Career 5 Cs, they are a good summary and you can use them to guide your career choices. At different chpaters of your life you will prioritise them differently:

  • Career - Growth & Development
  • Culture - Your Boss, Your Mentors, Your Team, Work Environment
  • Compensation - Salary, Welfare
  • Convenience - Work-Life Balance, Travel Opportunity, Flexi-work Options
  • Calling - Your Passion (eg. Entrepreneur, Pastor), or whether the company's values are aligned with yours, i.e. finding meaning in what you do

Suggest to review your Career 5s regularly and re-caliberate accordingly

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Jim Ng

31 Oct 2018

Marketing Strategist at https://www.bestseo.sg

Job satisfaction.

You need to be happy at where you're working at. If you have to drag yourself to wake up to go to work everyday feeling unmotivated, the job is definitely not cut out for you.

Jason Sing

31 Oct 2018

School Of Hard Knocks And Life at School Of Hard Knocks And Life

A good boss makes hell lot of differences. He or she is going to determine whether you get the sala...

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