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20 May 2020



What do you deem as the most important factor when looking for your first job?

I'm about to graduate this year and currently on a job hunt. I have always wondered what should I prioritize when looking for my first job. I have mixed inputs from people of all walks of life (Good boss, Career Progression, Employee benefits, Work culture & environment, Salary, etc)

So what do you guys think should be the most important factor?

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As someone that just graduated recently, I feel that a good boss, a supportive environment and a willingness to learn are key.

Since you would just have started working, unless you really need the money, money should not be the key concern. You will always get more chances at a pay raise later on if you continually upgrade yourself.

A good boss and the environment will also help what you learn. Never underestimate what a good mentor can teach you.

All the best in your finals and job hunting


As a fresh grad with comparatively more energy and enthusiasm, it's the best time to learn as much as possible. I feel that work culture/environment/benefits/salary will matter more later, but in the early years, learn as much as you can, as fast as possible.

Do this by getting the opportunity to help out in areas outside of your job scope. Managers/bosses who can feel your enthusiasm will be able to give you opportunity to progress beyond your current limits and knowledge.

As a sophomore I think this is something that is very relevant to me and it's also something that I ...

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